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The Unit Conversion Tutor
1 DVD Set! - 4 Hour Course!

DVD Chapter Index

Disc 1
Section 1 - Scientific Notation
Section 2 - The Metric System and SI Units
Section 3 - Unit Conversions Involving Length
Section 4 - Unit Conversions Involving Area
Section 5 - Unit Conversions Involving Volume
Section 6 - Unit Conversions Involving Speed
Section 7 - Unit Conversions Involving Mass and Weight
Section 8 - Unit Conversions Involving Density


Unit conversions are used in every branch of math and science
including Algebra, Calculus, Physics, and Chemistry. In the
course of solving problems the student will need to convert
between various units in order to solve the problem. For example,
if solving a Physics problem it may be necessary to convert
between centimeters per second to kilometers per hour in order
to correctly solve the problem.

This DVD course teaches the techniques of the most common unit conversions by fully worked example problems. This DVD is not intended to be a reference DVD for all conversion factors that you will see in your classes. More importantly, the strategy associated with unit conversions is emphasized such that the student will be comfortable applying any conversion factor necessary to solve the problem - even those not found on this disk.

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Total DVD Running Time:
4 Hours

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