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Mastering Microsoft Excel - Volume 1
1 DVD Set! - 6 Hour Course!

DVD Chapter Index

1. Intro and Overview of Excel 2013

Lesson 1: Introduction to Excel 2013
Lesson 2: Overview of the User Interface
Lesson 3: The Quick Access Toolbar
Lesson 4: Worksheets Vs. Workbooks
Lesson 5: The Formula Bar
Lesson 6: The Status Bar
Lesson 7: The Right-Click Menu and Mini-Toolbar
Lesson 8: Using the Mouse and Pointers
Lesson 9: Using the Help System
Lesson 10: Opening and Saving Files

2. Entering Data Into Cells

Lesson 11: Entering Data into Cells
Lesson 12: Using Autofill to Enter Data
Lesson 13: Entering Dates and Times
Lesson 14: Undo and Redo
Lesson 15: Using Comments in your Worksheets

3. Performing Calculations with Formulas

Lesson 16: Performing Arithmetic with Basic Formulas
Lesson 17: Using SUM and AVERAGE
Lesson 18: Copying and Pasting Formulas
Lesson 19: Calculating Year-to-Date Profit
Lesson 20: Order of Operations
Lesson 21: Using Relative and Absolute Addressing in Formulas
Lesson 22: Max, Min, Median, and Standard Deviation of Data

4. Formatting Cells

Lesson 23: Font Styles and Colors
Lesson 24: Changing Column Width and Row Height
Lesson 25: Alignment and Text Wrap
Lesson 26: Working with Cell Borders
Lesson 27: Numeric Formatting of Cells
Lesson 28: Formatting Date and Time Cells
Lesson 29: Conditional Formatting
Lesson 30: Working with tables
Lesson 31: Insert Shapes, Pictures, Arrows, SmartArt

5. Adjusting the Layout of a Worksheet

Lesson 32: Insert and Delete Columns and Rows
Lesson 33: Hiding and Unhiding Rows and Columns
Lesson 34: Inserting, Moving, and Copying Cells
Lesson 35: Find and Replace Data

6. Page Setup and Printing Worksheets

Lesson 36: Page Layout View, Headers, and Footers
Lesson 37: Page Break Preview
Lesson 38: Page Setup and Printing Documents

7. Creating Charts and Graphics

Lesson 39: Creating Charts and Graphs
Lesson 40: Types of Charts in Excel
Lesson 41: Formatting Charts in Excel
Lesson 42: Changing Chart Title, Legend, Axes, and More
Lesson 43: Creating Sparklines

8. Adjusting the View of a Worksheet

Lesson 44: Freeze and UnFreeze Panes
Lesson 45: Split Screen Vertically and Horizontally
Lesson 46: Creating, Renaming, Deleting Worksheets

9. Sorting Data and Using the IF Function

Lesson 47: Formulas with Inputs from Multiple Sheets
Lesson 48: Using the IF Function for Logical Tests
Lesson 49: Sorting Data
Lesson 50: Calculating Subtotals in Lists

10. Filtering Data and Intro to Pivot Tables

Lesson 51: Filtering Data
Lesson 52: Split Data Into Multiple Columns
Lesson 53: Introduction to Pivot Tables

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Total DVD Running Time:
6 Hours


Microsoft Excel is one of the most used Math software packages in the world. It is an extremely powerful tool and easy to use once the user knows how to perform the many functions available.

In this 6 Hour Video series, Jason Gibson will teach you how to use Excel 2013 through narrated video lessons. Every lesson teaches you the core functionality of Excel with real-world example spreadsheets, formulas, and charts.

First, you'll get an overview of excel and a tour of the user interface. Next, you'll master entering data, performing calculations, formulas, formatting cells, charts, filtering data, and much more!

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