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Learning Matlab - Essential Series
1 DVD Set! - 7 Hour Course!

DVD Chapter Index

Chapter 1 - Introduction

Sect 1: Overview of the User Interface - Part 1
Sect 2: Overview of the User Interface - Part 2
Sect 3: Overview of the User Interface - Part 3
Sect 4: Using the Help Menus

Chapter 2 - Basic Calculations

Sect 5: Basic Arithmetic and Order of Operations
Sect 6: Exponents and Scientific Notation
Sect 7: Working with Fractions and the Symbolic Math Toolbox - Part 1
Sect 8: Working with Fractions and the Symbolic Math Toolbox - Part 2

Chapter 3 - Working with Variables

Sect 9: Defining and Using Variables
Sect 10: Adding Comments to your Code
Sect 11: Clearing Variables
Sect 12: Adjusting the Display Precision for Calculations
Sect 13: Creating and Storing Symbolic Variables
Sect 14: Using Symbolic Variables in Calculations

Chapter 4 - Essential Mathematical Functions

Sect 15: Factorials, Square Roots, and Nth Roots
Sect 16: Trigonometric Functions and their Inverses
Sect 17: Hyperbolic Functions
Sect 18: Exponentials and Logarithms

Chapter 5 - Working with Complex Numbers

Sect 19: Basic Calculations with Complex Numbers
Sect 20: Calculating the Magnitude and Angle of Complex Numbers
Sect 21: Trig Functions and Logarithms with Complex Numbers
Sect 22: Complex Numbers and the Symbolic Math Toolbox

Chapter 6 - Working with Vectors

Sect 23: Inputting Vectors and Extracting Components
Sect 24: Adding and Subtracting Vectors and Multiplying Vectors by a Scalar
Sect 25: Calculating the Vector Dot Product and Cross Product
Sect 26: Finding the Length and Sum of a Vector
Sect 27: Extracting a Subset of Vector Elements
Sect 28: Creating Vectors with Evenly Spaced Elements
Sect 29: Joining Vectors Together
Sect 30: Multiplying and Dividing Vectors Element-by-Element
Sect 31: Applying Math Functions Element-by-Element
Sect 32: Creating Vectors with Random Elements
Sect 33: Calculating Mean, Median, and Standard Deviation of Data in a Vector
Sect 34: Working with Vectors using the Symbolic Math Toolbox

Chapter 7 -Working with Matrices

Sect 35: Inputting Matrices and Extracting Elements - Part 1
Sect 36: Inputting Matrices and Extracting Elements - Part 2
Sect 37: Adding and Subtracting Matrices
Sect 38: Multiplying Matrices
Sect 39: Multiplying and Dividing Matrices Element-by-Element
Sect 40: Finding the Matrix Length, Size, and Sum of Elements
Sect 41: Joining Matrices Together
Sect 42: Applying Mathematical Functions to Matrices
Sect 43: Creating an Identity Matrix
Sect 44: Matrix Transpose, Diagonal Elements, and LU Decomposition
Sect 45: Solving a System of Equations using Matrix Row Reductions
Sect 46: Matrix Determinant, Inverse, Trace, Rank, and Solving Linear Systems
Sect 47: Matrix Norm, Eigenvalues, and the Characteristic Polynomial
Sect 48: Matrices and the Symbolic Math Toolbox

Chapter 8 - Algebraic Calculations

Sect 49: Solving Algebraic Equations
Sect 50: Solving Systems of Linear Equations
Sect 51: Solving Algebraic Equations Symbolically
Sect 52: Solving Systems of Algebraic Equations Symbolically
Sect 53: Defining Mathematical Functions

Chapter 9 - Calculus Calculations

Sect 54: Taking Derivatives in Calculus
Sect 55: Evaluating Derivatives at a Point
Sect 56: Taking Partial Derivatives in Calculus
Sect 57: Indefinite and Definite Integrals
Sect 58: Taking Limits in Calculus

Chapter 10 - Basic Graphing

Sect 59: Basic Scatter Plots
Sect 60: Plotting Functions
Sect 61: Changing Plot Appearance>

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Total DVD Running Time:
7 Hours


In this 7 Hour video series, Jason Gibson teaches you how to use this software package with step-by step video tutorials.

The lessons begin with becoming familiar with the user interface and understanding how to interact with Matlab.

You'll then learn about variables, functions, and how to perform basic calculations.

Next, Jason will guide you in learning how to do Algebra, Trigonometry, and Calculus computations both numerically and symbolically.

The course wraps up with basic plotting in Matlab. Take the mystery out of Matlab and improve your productivity with the software immediately!

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