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Calculus 3 Tutor: Volume 1
3 DVD Set! - 10 Hour Course!

DVD Chapter Index

Disc 1
Section 1: 3D Cartesian Coordinates
Section 2: Introduction To Vectors
Section 3: The Vector Dot Product
Section 4: The Vector Cross Product
Section 5: Vector Valued Functions

Disc 2
Section 6: Multivariable Functions And Partial Derivatives
Section 7: The Chain Rule For Partial Derivatives
Section 8: The Directional Derivative

Disc 3
Section 9: The Gradient
Section 10: Double Integrals
Section 11: Double Integrals In Polar Coordinates

List Price: R774.85
Our Price: R619.88
You Save: 20%

Total DVD Running Time:
10 Hours


Calculus 3 is considered by most to be a very difficult course to master in the realm of Calculus. This is because you will learn about many different topics, and each topic builds on the previous. If you don't understand something early on, the chances of catching up are drastically reduced as time goes on.

Most topics in calculus 3 are challenging because almost all of the problems are 3-dimenstional in nature. It takes time for the student to master how to visualize the problems in order to solve them. Once this is done, things are much easier. This DVD course teaches by example and you gain practice immediately with this visualization and problem solving techniques.

Our calculus video tutor lectures are based on a singular principle - and that is the fact that if a student needs help with calculus, the task of learning becomes much easier when the calculus lectures are taught by someone who understands the frustration of a new student who is just starting out with this subject.

No matter if you are in business calculus, if you are a mathematics major, if you are a high school calculus student, a homeschooled calculus student, or an engineering student, our calculus video lectures will help you learn calculus. We back up this claim with a money back guarantee!

If you need calculus help, you'll be interested to know that every single calculus video lecture features numerous solutions to calculus problems that you are likely to encounter in class. Furthermore, our lectures do not only deal with the easier calculus problems. Our calculus lectures feature calculus problems of all complexities ranging from the elementary problems all the way to the challenging problems that you will likely find on your exams.

You will also find that our calculus video lectures serve as a fantastic reference for calculus solutions as you work through homework problems. In many cases it is very helpful to see a similar problem worked out in detail as a guide to your own homework problems. When viewing a solution to a similar problem in calculus, it can in many cases help you turn the corner in discovering the solution to your homework problems.

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