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Differential Equations: Volume 2
3 DVD Set! - 10 Hour Course!

DVD Chapter Index

Disc 1
Sect 1: Intro to Higher Order Differential Equations
Sect 2: Identifying Linear Ordinary Differential Equations (ODEs)
Sect 3: Solving Elementary Higher Order ODEs
Sect 4: The Linear Differential Operator
Sect 5: The Wronskian Test For Linearly Independent Solutions
Sect 6: Wronskian Problems

Disc 2
Sect 7: Homogeneous ODEs. Constant Coefficients Real Roots. Part 1
Sect 8: Part 2 of Above
Sect 9: Part 3 of Above
Sect 10: Homogeneous ODEs. Constant Coefficients Complex Roots. Part 1
Sect 11: Part 2 of Above
Sect 12: Part 3 of Above
Sect 13: Non-Homogeneous ODEs. Undetermined Coefficients. Part 1
Sect 14: Part 2 of Above
Sect 15: Part 3 of Above

Disc 3
Sect 16: Part 4 of Above
Sect 17: Part 5 of Above
Sect 18: Part 6 of Above
Sect 19: Non-Homogeneous ODEs. Variation of Parameters. Part 1
Sect 20: Part 2 of Above
Sect 21: Part 3 of Above
Sect 22: Part 4 of Above

Every topic is taught by fully worked example problems!

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Our Price: R619.88
You Save: 20%

Total DVD Running Time:
10 Hours


Solving higher order differential equations is challenging for most students simply because the solution methods usually run several pages in length even for the easier problems. The student must identify the type of equation to solve and apply the appropriate solution method, which can lead to valuable lost time on an exam if the wrong solution method is chosen at the outset.

We begin by showing the student real life applications of second order and higher ODEs to provide motivation for the material. Next, we show how to solve elementary second order ODEs, and show the student that all solutions have a similar form.

Next, we discuss linear independence of solutions and show the students how to use the wronskian test to determine of a set of functions describe the entire solution space of the ODE.

We then get into the core solution techniques which revolve around constant coefficient differential equations. We examine the case where the roots of the characteristic polynomial are real and complex separately, to give the student a good grounding in what to do in either case.

Next, we work several problems using the method of undetermined coefficients which allow us to solve higher order ODEs that are more complex. Every step is shown in the solution, and emphasis is placed on showing the student how to properly find the Annihilator function for the right hand side of the equation in the solution.

Finally, we use the method of Variation of Parameters to solve several equations and give the student practice in working these problems step by step.

Every problem is fully worked with no steps skipped. The easiest way to learn differential equations is to learn-by-doing, and this is what this DVD set provides.

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