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Math Help: The 1st Through 7th Grade Math Tutor
2 DVD Set - 7 Hour Course!!

DVD Chapter Index

Disk 1

Sect 1: Adding 1 & 2 Digit Numbers
Sect 2: Adding 3 & 4 Digit Numbers
Sect 3: Subtracting 1 & 2 Digit Numbers
Sect 4: Subtracting 3 & 4 Digit Numbers
Sect 5: Introduction To Multiplication
Sect 6: Learn Your Multiplication Tables
Sect 7: Multiplication Problems
Sect 8: Division With No Remainder
Sect 9: Division With A Remainder
Sect 10: Dividing 2,3, & 4 Digit Numbers With Remainder

Disk 2

Sect 11: Simplifying Fractions
Sect 12: Adding & ; Subtracting Fractions
Sect 13: Adding & ; Subtracting Fractions & ; Finding The Common Denominator
Sect 14: Multiplying Fractions
Sect 15: Dividing Fractions
Sect 16: Decimal Place Value
Sect 17: Add, Subtract, & ; Multiply Decimals
Sect 18: Dividing Decimals
Sect 19: Percents
Sect 20: Ratio & ; Proportion

List Price: R542.345
Our Price: R433.88
You Save: 20%

Total DVD Running Time:
7 Hours

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Building an understanding of fundamental Math concepts is essential for a student to move on and conquer more advanced math and science. Understanding addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions and percents is absolutely critical. If a student doesn't master these topics early on, it can lead to the Math Is Hard syndrome.
The core philosophy of this 7 hour DVD course is that Math Is Easy. The way that you make math easy for a student is to start off with the basics and gradually move on to the tougher material. In this way the student builds confidence in his or her skills and confidence is the key to success in math.
The 1st - 7th Grade Math Tutor is a 7 hour, 2 DVD course that will fully help a student master all of the core topics in math at the first through seventh grade level. After mastering the concepts in this DVD series the student will be ready and able to move and tackle pre-algebra and algebra.

We strongly recommend that you also purchase the companion CD to this DVD product that contains a set of worksheets for every section of this DVD.

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