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Mental Math Secrets - Volume 1 - Easy Techniques to Boost Skills

DVD Contents

Section 1: Rapidly Multiply by 11's
Section 2: Rapidly Calculate a Restaurant Tip
Section 3: The Secret to Rapid Mental Addition
Section 4: Rapid Mental Single Column Addition
Section 5: Rapid Two Column Addition
Section 6: Rapid Money Addition
Section 7: Rapidly Multiply any 2-Digit Numbers
Section 8: Rapidly Square any Number Ending in 5
Section 9: Rapidly Square any Number in the 50s.
Section 10: Rapidly Square any Number near 100.
Section 11: Mentally Multiply any 2-Digit by 1-Digit Number
Section 12: Mentally Square any 2-Digit Number
Section 13: Rapidly Multiply 3-Digit by 1-Digit Numbers
Section 14: Rapidly Multiply 3-Digit by 2-Digit Numbers
Section 15: Rapidly Multiply 3-Digit by 3 Digit Numbers

List Price: R387.35
Our Price: R309.88
You Save: 20%


This DVD contains the first 15 lessons in the very popular Mental Math Secrets video series.

These lessons focus on the fundamental Mental Math techniques to increase your speed in mental addition and multiplication!

These Mental Math techniques can be applied to everyday situations such as mentally estimating a grocery bill, calculating the tip at a restaurant, and more.

For the student, these techniques can help increase scores on standardized tests where speed is important.

For the professional, these techniques can help in meetings and other business situations where mental acuity is important.

Most of all, these techniques take only seconds to learn and can be practiced in just minutes per day.

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