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Benefits of DVD

Permanent copy of the course.
Re-watch as needed.
Guaranteed results.
Less expensive than any tutor.

The HP50G Calculator Tutor - Volume 1
2 DVD Set! - 7 Hour Course!

DVD Chapter Index

Disc 1
Section 1: Overview of the HP50G Calculator
Section 2: Using Algebraic and RPN Modes
Section 3: Using the Menu System
Section 4: The Mode Menu
Section 5: Basic Calculations and Working with Fractions
Section 6: Using the Equation Writer
Section 7: Advanced Uses of the Equation Writer
Section 8: Creating, Using, and Deleting Variables
Section 9: The Inverse Function, Parenthesis, Absolute Value
Section 10: Calculating with Powers and Roots
Section 11: Logarithms and Exponential Functions
Section 12: Scientific Notation and Trigonometric Functions
Section 13: The Math Menu
Section 14: Hyperbolic Functions

Disc 2
Section 15: Units and Unit Conversions
Section 16: The Constants Library
Section 17: The Equation Library
Section 18: Graphing Single Equations
Section 19: Graphing Multiple Equations and Intersection Points
Section 20: Finding Slope, Area, and Derivatives in Graph Mode
Section 21: Working with Complex Numbers
Section 22: The Complex Number Menu
Section 23: Solving Equations Symbolically
Section 24: Solving Systems of Equations Symbolically
Section 25: Finding Roots of Polynomials
Section 26: Solving Equations Numerically
Section 27: Solving Polynomial Roots Numerically
Section 28: Solving Linear Systems Numerically
Section 29: Solving More Complicated Systems Numerically
Section 30: Working with Vectors
Section 31: Working with Matrices

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Our Price: R396.68
You Save: 20%

Total DVD Running Time:
7 Hours

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Unlock the Power of your HP50G Calculator!

The HP50g Calculator is the flagship calculator from Hewlett Packard that can handle many advanced math functions that are used in science, engineering, and high school AP classes. Unfortunately, the calculator itself can be difficult to use if the student doesn't take the time to learn the functions.

This DVD set will teach the student how to use the HP50g using step-by-step video examples. This way, the student learns by doing rather than reading a dry manual.

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