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Benefits of DVD

Permanent copy of the course.
Re-watch as needed.
Guaranteed results.
Less expensive than any tutor.

The Pre-Algebra Tutor: Vol 2 Companion
Worksheet CD

CD Contents

Disc 1
Worksheet 1 - Factors and Multiples
Worksheet 2 - Prime Factorization
Worksheet 3 - Greatest Common Factor
Worksheet 4 - Least Common Multiple
Worksheet 5 - Introduction to Fractions
Worksheet 6 - Mixed and Improper Fractions
Worksheet 7 - Finding the Common Denominator
Worksheet 8 - Adding Fractions
Worksheet 9 - Subtracting Fractions
Worksheet 10 - Multiplying Fractions
Worksheet 11 - Dividing Fractions
Worksheet 12 - Variables and Expressions
Worksheet 13 - Adding and Subtracting Expressions
Worksheet 14 - Multiplying Expressions
Worksheet 15 - Dividing Expressions
Worksheet 16 - Solving Single Step Equations

This is the companion product designed to accompany the
Pre-Algebra Tutor: Volume 2 video DVD

It is strongly recommended that this product be used along side this DVD to ensure mastery of Pre-Algebra.

List Price: R387.35
Our Price: R309.88
You Save: 20%


This product is not a video DVD

This is a CD-ROM that contains a set of worksheets for every section of the Pre-Algebra Tutor: Volume 2 DVD that allows you to gain practice and test your mastery of the material by working problems not found on the DVD. Every problem has a step-by-step written solution. This CD contains hundreds of pages of problems and solutions in the worksheets.

All worksheets on the disk are in Adobe PDF format. To use this product you will watch a section on the Pre-Algebra Tutor: Volume 2 DVD then you will place this CD in your computer and print out and work the corresponding worksheet problems.

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