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Trigonometry & Pre-Calculus Help: Trigonometry And Pre-Calculus Tutor - Volume 2

2 DVD Set! - 6 Hour Course!

DVD Chapter Index

Disc 1
Sect 1 - Fundamental Trig Identities - Part 1
Sect 2 - Fundamental Trig Identities - Part 2
Sect 3 - Pythagorean Trig Identities - Part 1
Sect 4 - Pythagorean Trig Identities - Part 2
Sect 5 - Pythagorean Trig Identities - Part 3
Sect 6 - Solving Trig Equations - Part 1
Sect 7 - Solving Trig Equations - Part 2
Sect 8 – Co-function and Even/Odd Trig Identities

Disc 2
Sect 9 - Addition and Subtraction Trig Identities - Part 1
Sect 10 - Addition and Subtraction Trig Identities - Part 2
Sect 11 - Double Angle Trig Identities
Sect 12 - Squaring Trig Identities
Sect 13 - Half Angle Trig Identities
Sect 14 - Product-to-Sum Trig Identities
Sect 15 - Sum-to-Product Trig Identities
Sect 16 - The Law of Sines - Part 1
Sect 17 - The Law of Sines - Part 2
Sect 18 - The Law of Cosines - Part 1
Sect 19 - The Law of Cosines - Part 2

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Our Price: R520.68
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Total DVD Running Time:
6 Hours


Trigonometry and Pre-Calculus are absolutely essential to master prior to moving in to Calculus, Physics, and more advanced courses. Most students don't have a good grounding in Trig and Pre-Calculus so when they take more challenging courses such as Calculus it can seem difficult when in fact it isn't.

The Trigonometry & Pre-Calculus Tutor: Volume 2 picks up where Volume 1 ends and continues to teach the student essential skills in these areas using step-by-step worked example problems. The student will master trigonometry identities of every type which are used in more advanced classes regularly.

In addition, the student will master how to solve trig equations where the unknown is an angle inside of a trig function. The student will also master the Law of Sines and the Law of Cosines which are calculations the pop up regularly in the study of science and engineering.

This Volume of the Trig & Pre-Calculus tutor Volume 2 will give the student the practice necessary to master these topics which will make more advanced coursework in Calculus, Chemistry, and Physics much, much easier.

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